Green areas irrigation

Specific fittings and manifolds for watering systems, mainly suitable for landscape and residential green areas, big parks, town parks.

Our range of manifold fittings include:

  • Nipple with o-ring 1"x1"
  • Reduced nipple with o-ring 1"x¾"
  • Sleeve M/F with o-ring 1"x1"
  • Elbow F/F with o-ring 1"x1"
  • Elbow M/F with o-ring 1"x1"
  • 2 outlets manifold with o-ring 1"
  • 3 outlets manifold with o-ring 1"
  • 4 outlets manifold with o-ring 1"
  • Tees M/F/M with o-ring 1"
  • Tees M/M/F with o-ring 1"
  • Cross F/F/F/M with o-ring 1"

The nylon fittings range includes:

  • Nylon tube/hose fitting, male threaded, sizes from ¾"x20 to 2"x60
  • Three pieces nylon tube/hose fitting, sizes from ¾"x20 to 2"x50
  • Curved nylon tube/hose fitting, sizes from ¾"x20 to 2"x50
  • PVC tank fitting, sizes from ½" to 2"
  • Nylon three pieces sleeve, sizes from 20x20 to 50x50
  • Nylon foot valve filter, sizes from 1"¼ to 1"½