Range of brass, steel and ductile cast iron valves, for acqueducts, civil or industrial hydraulic systems, municipal water networks, water treatment plants.

Hydro Tech Ltd supplies and sells a wide range of metal valves, couplings and filters for agricultural irrigation and fertigation systems, industrial facilities, civil buildings, fluids transport.

Find out in our catalogue a wide range of brass - ppvc - steel ball valves for civil hydraulic systems, irrigation, fire protection systems and wells; cast iron or brass gate valves for water networks; wafer or lug butterfly valves for heating or cooling systems, drainage, brackish water and gas; a wide range of check valves in different materials and shapes; globe valves for pressure or flow regulation of fluids in pressure lines, Y filters.

We supply also anti-vibration joints for pressure lines; dismantling, repairing or coupling cast iron and steel joints; polyethylene universal hydraulic couplings to connect pipes of different materials or diameters; special flanged or spigot joints.

Features and advantages of metal valves:

Metal valves, in cast iron, brass or steel, find application in many fields as

Heating and sanitary plants - Aqueducts - Enology - Biogas - Fire protection - Sewage - Water treatment

The main properties of cast iron (an alloy of iron-carbon-silica), brass and steel are notably:

  • Intrinsic strength, allowing these fitting to bear high internal pressures and external load;
  • High impact resistance, with a low risk of damages or breacks due to various reasons, such as vandalism, pressure jump, installation faults, instable slopes, weather...;
  • High safety margin;
  • Corrosion resistant;
  • Circumference strength, allowing installation on instable slopes and enhancing their durability in tiem;
  • Various junctions available to optimize all applications. These materials allow expansions and contactions. They resist to thermal stress. They allow axial movement;
  • A wide range of fittings.

Hydro Tech Ltd delivers its products in Italy and abroad, offering its design services and support in Sicily, Calabria and abroad.