A wide range of solvent socket PVC fittings, zinc coated, compression, butt welding, lay flat, micro fittings.

Hydro Tech Ltd markets all necessary fittings for irrigation and fertigation systems in agriculture, for open field and greenhouse crops, for public and residential gardens, for horticulture and vegetable gardens.

Find out in our range all polyethylene compression fittings for underground installations, irrigation systems, water and gas mains for buildings, industrial installations; butt welding fittings for fuel gas transmission and distribution systems, irrigation systems, fire protection systems, drainage, sewage systems and pools; molded PVC fittings to heat-seal for drinking water systems and alimentary fluids; zinc coated, cast iron, iron fittings for open field irrigation systems and stand-alone installations; lay flat fittings; a wide range of cheap fittings for gardens and vegetable gardens, outlet hose connectors, threaded fittings, drip irrigation valves and micro fittings.

All our products are easy to assemble, resistant and reliable in time.

Hydro Tech Ltd provides supplies and deliveries in Italy and abroad, offering its services in Sicily and Calabria.