A complete range of PVC valves: ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves, foot valves, swing check valves and flowmeters.

Hydro Tech Ltd markets all types of PVC valves for irrigation and fertigation systems in agriculture, industrial installations, pools, buildings, fluids transport.

Find out in our catalogue a wide range of valves for all needs: a complete serie of single union or seal ball valves (also available a cheap serie) and butterfly valves for irrigation systems, residential gardens, water treatment, fish farming and pools; industry valves with anti-block system with threaded seal, including ball and swing check valves especially suitable for corrosive liquids, foot valves to avoid the return of fluids and swing check valves.

In our catalogue you may also find a wide range of PVC flowmeters for irrigation, fertigation and pharmaceutical systems. We supply solvent socket, threaded, flanged flowmeters for pressure irrigation pipings, osmosis plants, heating and cooling systems.

Advantages and benefits of PVC

PVC is one of the most used material in industry and agriculture. Its main feature is a high chemical and corrosion resistance, it is self-extinguishing and has the best price-performances rate. Actually its features derive from the chemical composition of PVC-U.

Typical application fileds are:

Irrigation - Agro-feeding - Chemical Industry - Water treatment - Pharmaceutical - Galvanic and metal treating - Pools - Osmosis

Working conditions range from 0°C to 60°C, maximum nominal pressure PN 16

Main features:

  • Universal use;
  • Great resistance to corrosion;
  • Suitable for neutral fluids and corrosive liquids transport;
  • Suitable for drinking water transport;
  • Biologically inert, it doesn't cause microbiological growth;
  • Easy solvent socket installation;
  • Low loss of head thanks to smooth interior surfaces;
  • High impact fatigue strenght;
  • Self estinguishing (the construction material does not provoque flames in case of fire).

Hydro Tech Ltd delivers its products in Italy and abroad, offering its design services and support in Sicily and Calabria and abroad.