Design and implementation of irrigation systems for agriculture and gardens

Hydro Tech Ltd is a specialized company dealing with state-of-the-art irrigation systems, serving agriculture and gardening.

The company offers turnkey full service packages (initial design, supply of equipements, training, testing and after-sale service) for agriculture professionals, to implement irrigation and fertigation systems, drip irrigation, for gardens, big parks and urban open spaces.

Hydro Tech Ltd aims to be a unique partner for the implementation of irrigation systems. The customer will benefit from having one representative, suggesting the best customized solutions for each irrigation need, and giving immediate answer to any set of problems related to their design and implementation. Our main target is the knowledge and the application of the most innovative irrigation techniques, giving real economical and management benefits to agriculture and gardening.

In addition to the supply of irrigation equipements, the company offers professional support, agronomic and technical guidance for all kind of open field crops, or protected cultivations: vegetable growings, nurseries, gardens, green areas, hydroponic cultures, soil and soilless cultivations.