Hydro Tech ltd - in Rosolini (Siracuse) in Sicily - offering the best solutions for irrigation since 1988. We project and realize irrigation plants for farms, sport fields and golf courses, public parks, vegetable gardens and gardens.

Products and solutions for irrigation

Supply and installation of tecnologically innovative equipements for functional irrigation plants and tailored to different farming needs. Fittings, PVC valves, drip lines, pipes and conduits, all equipements for automatic control of every agricultural irrigation plant, hydroponic cultivation or nursery.

Irrigation systems for agriculture, gardens, sport facilities

  • Feasability studies;
  • Design and installation of irrigation plants for greenhouses, open field crops and orchards
  • Drip irrigation and fertigation systems, soil-less or subsurface irrigation plants
  • Optimization of hydraulic and energy resource for cost-effective irrigation plants

Guides, indications and products for do-it-yourself irrigation plants

Professional technical and agronomical training and support based on our experience. Hydro Tech srl offers tecnologically advanced solutions and equipements for all those who would love agriculture and gardening as a hobby. Vegetable gardens, small gardens and perfectly irrigated lawns, the joy to do it on oneself , il piacere del fai da te unito all'esperienza di una moderna cultura di innovazione agricola.