Drip irrigation products and systems for gardens, greenhouses, nurseries, vegetable gardens, soilless cultures.

Hydro Tech Ltd is a leading company in design and implementation of drip irrigation and fertigation systems, supplying a complete range of professional products.

Our company's offering includes a wide range of equipements and accessories at competitive prices, produced with high quality raw materials, they are easy to install, safe and guaranteed, thus allowing you to implement a well operating micro-irrigation and subsurface irrigation system for open field crops, greenhouses, soilless cultures, gardens, kitchen gardens and lawns.

With our products it will be easy to assemble one or more irrigation lines for all needs: Hydro Tech Ltd offers a wide range of on-line dripper with adjustable or steady flowrate, for all cultivations where water and nutrients need to be delivered accurately to each plant; it offers a wide range of autocompensating drippers for widespread land and massive use, designed to deliver precise and equal amounts of water on the hole dripline; it also provides a broad range of driplines, pre-assembled products or drip points.

Our purpose is to promote a smart and rational use of water, among farmers, gardners, tourist and private accomodations, offering a broad of solutions and complementary products on one hand, and a long experience and a deep knowledge of drip irrigation on the other hand.

Hydro Tech Ltd provides supplies and deliveries in Italy and abroad, offering its services in Sicily and Calabria.