Control and dosing units for fertilizers, with hydraulic, manual or automatic operation

Equipements and accessories at competitive pricing for fertirrigation systems for all kind of agricultural crops.

Hydro Tech Ltd offers its customers a wide range of the best products for the implementation of innovative irrigation and fertigation systems, tecnologically advanced and in synergy with drip irrigation.

Find out in our cathalogue all what you need to implement a professional fertigation system: control panels for fertilizers dosing and pH-EC monitoring, fertigation units for volumetric or proportional injection (Dosabox), a complete range of piston and electromagnetic pumps and injectors for fertilizers mixing, portable testers, moisture and flow meters, microfittings and electric valves for agriculture, building and industry.

Advantages and benefits of fertirrigation

Fertirrigation is the practice of distribute nutrients using irrigation water as a mean. Thus a synergetic effect occurs: water improves nutrients absorption and at the same time nutrients enhances water use.

For an efficent and rational use of fertigation important conditions are the knowledge of crop nutritional needs (both mineral and hydraulic), the fertlity of soil, water quality, and a rational management of irrigation techniques.

In fertigation it is necessary to raise the availability of nutrients in moistured soil, proportionally to crop assimilation rate. The quantity of nutrients to deliver depends on harvesting and on their availability in soil.