Solutions for primary and safety filtration

A complete range of products for a proper filtration of irrigation systems.

Hydro Tech Ltd offers, with the most competitive prices on market, a complete range of professional equipements for the design and implementation of efficient water filtration systems, for all kind of irrigation systems: plastic screen filters (for filtering of inorganic particles in suspension as sans, ground, dust, dry branches), metal screen filters (for preventing occlusion of drippers and drip lines), disc filters (for moderately dirty water), hydro-cyclones or sand separator (for filtering of water with considerable quantities of sand in suspension, taken from springs, wells, lakes, open recervoirs); sand filters (for filtering of water with considerable quantities of organic particles in suspension as leaves, seeds, algae) and a serie of automatic or manual filtration systems.

A proper filtrating system to protect and extend the life of your drip irrigation system.

An efficient filtrating system is necessary to stop all impurities suspended in water, which can be of different nature depending on the source of water drawing, undermining the good operation of irrigation systems and causing occlusion of emitters, thus hindering watering uniformity.

The first step to take, in the implementation of a micro irrigation system, whether it is drip, soilless or aspersion irrigation system, is the choice of the most suitable filtrating system. Thanks to our thirty years long experience and to a constant training of our staff, we can design, determine and supply the best primary or safety filtrating solutions for your irrigation systems.

Hydro Tech Ltd delivers its products in Italy and abroad, offering its design services and support in Sicily, Calabria and abroad.