Indoor/outdoor irrigation controllers

Electric 4-6-8 stations controllers


Electric controllers for indoor or outdoor use. Main features:

  • 3 programs for each valve, program setting through direct button;
  • irrigation run time from 1 minute to 4 hours;
  • 4 start times a day for each program;
  • Scheduling options: weekly with 1 to 4 start times a day; cyclic 1-30 days;
  • Non volatile memory;
  • Dedicated output for each sensor;
  • Indipendent programming for special applications: lights, fountains;
  • Manual testing available for each valve.

The range of electric controllers include:

  • Indoor 4-stations controller;
  • Indoor 6-stations controller;
  • Indoor 8-stations controller;
  • Outdoor 4-stations controller;
  • Outdoor 6-stations controller;
  • Outdoor 8-stations controller;