Brass solenoid valve

No / nc solenoid valve

Electric and hydraulically operated valves

Brass solenoid valves are electromechanical devices designed to regulate the flow of fluids, such as water or gas, in a system.

They are equipped with a 2-way servo-assisted diaphragm with brass body, internal parts in brass and stainless steel. Good seal (for 90°C).

Main features:

Robust Material: Made of brass, these solenoid valves offer mechanical resistance and durability over time

Versatility of Use: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from domestic water networks to irrigation and industry.

Precise Flow Control: Allows precise control of the flow of liquids or gases through the system, adjustable as needed.

Electrical Compatibility: Designed to work with an electrical system, they offer an effective interface with electronic components.

Reliability: Thanks to the robust construction and high quality materials, the brass solenoid valves guarantee long life and reliability over time.

Easy Maintenance: Design designed to simplify maintenance and repair operations, ensuring easy use.

Environmental Compatibility: They respect environmental standards and regulations, offering sustainable solutions.


Their versatility makes them essential in numerous sectors, including irrigation, industry, and plumbing.

Normally Open (NO): Under normal conditions, the valve is open, allowing fluid to flow. When electrical current is applied, the valve closes, stopping the flow.

Normally Closed (NC): Under normal conditions, the valve is closed, blocking the flow of fluid. When an electric current is applied, the valve opens, allowing fluid to pass through.

Available from Ø 3/8” to Ø 2”

- 220 VAC
- 24 VAC
- 12 VAC