Panel measuring instrument


Regulation system for DIN bar (6 units) mounting. This instrument is normally used for water conditioning, allowing at once to regulate two on/off output and a current output for a connection to a chart recorder or dosing pump. An LCD display shows the working values and a simple keypad enables you to program these instruments. Probes not included.

Measuring parameters depending on probe:

  • pH;
  • Redox;
  • Chlorine (total chlorine, free or combined chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, bromine, peracetic acid, depending on probe);
  • Conductivity;
  • Ozone;
  • Dissolved oxygen;
  • Dioxide chlorine;
  • Temperature.

Instruments are equipped with

  • 2 set-points; on/off; proportional.
  • Flow alarm.
  • Remote control for flow sensor.
  • Output current (galvanic release) 0÷20 mA or 4÷20 mA proportional to parameter read and programmable for minimum / maximum parameters values.


  • Programmable delay at startup for probe polarization.
  • Probe reading can be viewed instantly.
  • Temperature measurement and compensation.
  • Delayed output activation in line with set values for each setpoint being reached.
  • Multiple connection modes for a single flow sensor. 
  • Remote control for output enable/disable.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Pools disinfection • Water treatment •  Chemicals dosing in industries • Soilless irrigation systems •  Depuration