Rivulis T-Tape

Lightweight labyrinth cuff


Discover the advantages, for your crops, of a close distance between the drippers. With higher system efficiency and more uniform yields, close spacing of drippers can help you
to increase profits. Fortunately, with Rivulis T-Tape, increasing the number of drippers does not increase the costs, thus allowing you to obtain the agronomic benefits without additional costs.

Main features:

It also works at low pressure: In some cases it is possible to increase the pressure, consequently increasing the flow rate of the drippers.

Shorter distance between drippers: By keeping the distance between drippers close, the water flows laterally faster, ensuring a continuous wet stripe along the row.

Better resistance to clogging: Most water, even after being filtered, will still contain suspended and organic particles. Therefore, the characteristics of the dripper are fundamental to prevent its clogging by preventing the entry of contaminants. T-Tape uses an exclusive labyrinth, which creates maximum turbulence to minimize clogging, and the slotted exit closes when the system stops, to prevent particle suction.

Better tensile strength: Thanks to the unique design of Rivulis T-Tape, the tape is folded and welded on itself, creating a resistant joint along the entire length of the tape. The double thickness along the joint increases the resistance of Rivulis T-Tape and consequently the ease of recovery on the field.


In agriculture for drip irrigation.


Compromise does not exist when choosing Rivulis T-Tape which features one of the widest ranges of configurations available, including:

7 different flow rates from 0.25 l/h to 4.0 l/h: to be chosen based on the crop, the environment and the characteristics of the soil.

4 different diameters: 16, 22, 29 and 35 mm: The larger diameters allow longer runs while maintaining high uniformity.

8 different wall thicknesses: 4 – 15 mil (0.10 – 0.38 mm): greater thicknesses are ideal for multi-season crops, long-term sub-irrigation installations, or where particular strength is required.

- Series500
16mm – 5/8”

- 700 Series
22mm – 7/8”

- 900 Series
29mm – 11/8”

- Series1100
35mm – 13/8”

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  • Technical data sheet
    • Pipe features
    • Wall thickness 5 MIL / 0,125 mm maximum operating pressure 0,6 bar
    • Wall thickness 6 MIL / 0,150 mm maximum operating pressure 0,7 bar
    • Wall thickness 8 MIL / 0,200 mm maximum operating pressure 1,0 bar
    • Wall thickness 10 MIL / 0,250 mm maximum operating pressure 1,0 bar
    • Wall thickness 12 MIL / 0,300 mm maximum operating pressure 1,0 bar
    • Available flow rates 0,6 - 0,9 - 1,2 liters/hour
    • Emitter spacing 10-15-20-30-40 cm
    • Variable coil length
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