Ductile iron & brass series

Gate valves

Valves and fittings in steel and cast iron

vGate valves are mainly used to implement several systems, such as: distribution and water supply networks, drinking water, fire protection systems, water treatment systems.

Gate valves, both with flat or oval body, are built in ductile iron (GGG40) with the stem being covered by EPDM or PTFE rubber; they are suitable to be used with drinking and clear water, distribution and water supply networks, since they are exopy coated. Suitable for pressure pipes, up to PN 10/16. These gate valves have an internal screw, non-rising stem in stainless steel. Resilient wedge gate valves allow a total flow of water, resulting in very low loss of head and corrosion free, so no need for handling. O-ring gaskets can be replaced even when the valve is working and fully open. These valves can be installed both on-surface or underground, or in control rooms. They can be operated manually, through a handwheel, or upon request with T handle key, reduction gear or electric actuator, with flanges DIN 2501.

Our gate valves range include

  • Resilient wedge gate valve - flat body - ductile iron GGG40 - PN 10/16 sizes from DN 40 to 300;
  • Resilient wedge gate valve - oval body - ductile iron GGG40 - PN 10/16 sizes from DN 40 to 300;
  • Brass gate valve - threaded F/F - PN 10/16 - full flow - stainless steel handwheel - sizes from G ½" to 6".
  • Technical data sheet
    • Working pressure PN 10/16
    • Maximum working temperature Brass < 80°C - Ductile iron < 120°C
    • Flanges PN 10/16