Non-return valves

Swing check valves

Valves and fittings in steel and cast iron

Check valves, also known as non-return valves, prevent fluid back-flow in water conduits. They are designed for a broad application field. We offer and supply a wide range of ductile cast iron or stainless stell swing check valves, in different sizes and patterns, in particular:

Thin swing check valve in galvanised steel (also known as wafer type) has compact dimensions, reduced weight. Easy and simple to install, this valve opens when there is a forward pressure and shuts off in case of reverse flow. It can be installed both horizontally or vertically (flow direction upwards). It can be inserted between two flangesPN 10-16 with no need for sealing. Maximum working pressure +120°C.

Swing check valve - bolted bonnet - flanged - cast iron: with cast iron disc, rubber sealing and o-ring. The operating principle is the same as all other check valves, both for horizontal and vertival installation; for the latter we recommand the model with lever and counterweight. The internal and external epoxy coating painting makes this valve suitable for use with drinking water.

Ductile check (non-return) valve: it blocks reverse flow, body, bonnet and flap in ductile iron GGG25, stem in stainless stel, valve seant in brass, flap seat in rubber-brass, F6 gauge, flanges drilling PN 16. Maximum working pressure +120°C.

APPLICATION FIELDS: • Water supply systems and networks • Pumping stations • Water treatment systems • Drinking water • Hydroelectric power stations • Sewage systems