Rain Bird ESP-RZX series

Indoor / outdoor irrigation controller


This irrigation timer provides flexible scheduling features that make the controller ideal for a wide variety of applications including residential and commercial irrigation systems.

Zone-based scheduling allows every valve to be scheduled independently; smart and intuitive user interface; almost zero need for assistance or maintenance.

The large LCD display shows all of the programming for each zone at the same time. 

Available ESP-RZX series models include:

  • 4-stations outdoor controller;
  • 6-stations outdoor controller;
  • 8-stations outdoor controller;
  • 4-stations indoor controller;
  • 6-stations indoor controller;
  • 8-stations indoor controller.
  • Technical data sheet
    • Station timing 0 - 199 minutes
    • Seasonal adjust -90% to + 100%
    • Start times a day 6 indipendent per zone
    • Scheduling options dayly watering - custom days - odd/even days - cyclic