Frost fighting

Greenhouses and open field protection systems

Sprinkling and fogging

Find out in our catalogue a wide selection of sprinklers and micro-sprinklers to implement your frost protection systems, in orded to assure the best climate conditions to your open field vegetable crops, orchards, vineyards and protected cultivations. All sprinklers are designed and tested to work at extreme temperature up to -6 C°.

Frost is known to damage crops or reduce future crop yields, even badly damaging or killing plants. Frost occurs when air temperature decreases under freezing point, that is runder 0°C, thus freezing the water contained in plants, buds, soil, causing breachage of plant tissues, bud death and falling, severe damages to roots.

Similar to frost is morning or ground frost, occuring mostly in late winter and at the beginning of spring, when plants pass from dormancy to growing and breeding season. Frost froms when temperature drops under 0°C, or as a result of a heavy heat loss due to still air, normally occurring in clear nights. Freezing causes especially damages to orchards, where fruits are normally concentrated in the low part of trees.

Sprinkling is one of the most commonly used methods to protect crops from frost. In particular:

  • Overhead sprinklers at low water trajectories, for overtree or undertree irrigation. This technique is used to create on open field crops or on greenhouses roofs a thin ice layer, which isolates them from outer temperatures.
  • Undertree micro-sprinklers, mainly used on orchards and vineyards, running continuously short low pressure and low volume irrigation cycles.
  • Technical data sheet
    • Recommanded working pressure 2 bar
    • Recommanded filtration for all products 120 mesh (130 micron)