Hydraulic control valve

Pressure sustaining valve

Electric and hydraulically operated valves

The pressure sustaining valve, normally open, is a control valve that sustains minimum preset upstream pressure regardless of fluctuating demand or varying of flow rate and downstream pressure. When installed offline this valve relieves line pressure in excess of preset pressure. This valve shuts when a pressure increase occurs. It opens totally and automatically when line pressure is higher than the preset pressure. It either opens or shuts in response to a remote electric command. 


  • Sustains upstream line pressure controlling system fill-up.
  • Relieves excess pressure protecting pump and system.
  • Super travel diaphragm.
  • Guided plug.


  • No chattering and fast closing.
  • Accurate and stable regulation with smooth motion.
  • Ideal for low supplied pressure irrigation systems.
  • No diaphragm distorsion.
  • Spare parts, diaphragms and springs available in several models.
  • Designed to meet a broad flow rate and pressure range.

Our pressure sustaing valves range includes:

  • Hydraulic pressure sustaining valve, sized 1"½ - 2"
  • Electric pressure sustaining valve, sized 1"½ - 2"

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Computerized irrigation systems • Remote controlled irrigation systems • Pressure zone control •  System fill-up and empting control •  Filtering stations •  Low supplied pressure irrigation systems.