Metering piston pumps

P and st-p series


The motor driver piston metering piston pumps are usually used in agriculture to inject and measure precise amounts of liquid fertlizers into the irrigation system.

Designed for demanding applications, the motor driven piston pumps guarantee accurate injection of nutrients, for their steady construction and cutting-edge technology, thus being suitable for several fileds: water treatment, building industry, waste management, wood industry and recycling. Furthermore many industries use these piston pumps, such as: breweries, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, industrial laundries...

The three-phase P series piston pump is recommanded when

  • high pressures are required;
  • injected liquis has no solid suspended particles;
  • viscous liquids need to be injected;
  • head loss due to seal ring wearing are uncritical.

The P SERIES is designed to handle the toughest applications. Plungers are made in AISI 316 or Ceramics. Pump body and head are in PVC to resist to chemicals used in agriculture.

The ST-P series piston pump is recommanded when

  • high pressures are required;
  • injected liquid flow rate doesn't exceed 190 l/h;
  • injected liquid has no solid suspended particles.

The ST-P SERIES offers a huge array of applications, especially with abrasive liquids.

Manufacturing characteristics: compact design, spring return mechanism, oil-bath reducer, die-cast aluminium housing protected by epoxy/anti-acid paint. V-ring sealing, several elastomers available. The V-rings offer the best dynamic sealing, both with high temperature and corrosive media.

Manufactured in accordance with CE regulations • Die-cast aluminium housing protected by epoxy/anti-acid paint. • Flow rate is achieved by by operation of a dial control to adjust the stroke length rate from 10%-100% • The vertically motor drives the pump via a coupling (BP and BD series) - Standard motors are “TEFC”, 3 phase: 0.18 Kw - 0.25 Kw - 0.37 Kw - 0.55Kw -0.75 Kw; 1400 rpm, Isolation Class F; Protection rating IP55 • Standard power supply: 230/400 Vca / 3 phase / 50 Hz - 275/480 Vca / 3 phase / 60 Hz • Other power supply options available upon request: 230 Vca Single-phase motors 50 or 60 Hz 110 Vca Single-phase 50 or 60 Hz • Tropicalized motors • Other options: Servo motor mechanism which accepts 4-20mA input to remotely control stroke length • Frequency inverter control

  • Technical data sheet
    • P SERIES flow rate range from 34 to 1027 l/h
    • ST-P SERIES flow rate range from 6 to 190 l/h
    • P SERIES piston diameters / couplings 30 - 48 - 76 - 95 mm - couplings ½" - ¾" - 1" - 1"½
    • ST-P SERIES piston diameters / couplings 16 - 30 - 48 mm - couplings ½" e ¾"