Misting & fogging system for climate control in nursery, Catania, Sicily

Design & implementation of fogging/misting system over basal heatment benches for cutting propagation of mediterranean trees and shrubs.

The plant nursery Cubeda produces and commercializes a huge variety of mediterranean and subtropical plants, based on the south-eastern cost of Sicly it has a big surface on sevral hectares. The nursery exports its plants in Europe and in the contries around the Mediterranean sea: trees, shrubs, palmae and climbing plants for tropical and subtropical climates.

For its propagation greenhouses the nursery contacted Hydro Tech ltd, asking for a comprehensive solution for climate control, using the exchanging principle between vapour-air to control and adjust temperature.

The customer main requirement was to keep at constant and favorable levels both humidity and temperature inside the basal heating benches, used for roots propagation.

Their propagation benches are built in zinc sheet at breast hight with basal heating system, and mini-tunnel covering with non-woven textile.

The nursery uses the following technologies for climate control, humidity adjustment and heating:

  • Basal bench heating resulting in even, easier and faster rooting. 
  • Fogging / misting providing optomal environmental conditions of air humidity in the greenhouse and tunnels.
  • Double humudity and temperature sensors for automatic control and adjustment by a digital climate controller.

The climate controller we choose, the NMC-PRO, manages both the installed sensors and the valves opening/closing the fogging/misting system.