Multichannel parameter controller

Ph and conductivity monitoring


Multiple parameter regulation system for integral control of treated water and for chemicals dosing optimization.

Features and functions:

  • Contemporary reading and displaying of all parameters;
  • Easy setup with EASY-NAV switch ENCODER;
  • Available in LAN or remote control network;
  • Wide backlit LCD display;
  • pH range 0÷14;
  • Conductivity range with K=0,1 electrode ► 0÷325 µS;
  • Conductivity range with K= 1 electrode ► 0÷29,9 mS;
  • Variable adjustment: ph and conductivity depending on temperature.

Dosing mode:

  • On/off;
  • Proportional mode depending on pulses;
  • Proportional mode depending of water flow rate;
  • Proportional mode depending on time/flow-rate.


  • Permanent data logging can be displayed on screen.
  • Late dosing scheduling up to 60 minutes;
  • Dosing priority;
  • Input gate for flow meter counter;
  • Probes diagnostics menu;
  • Probe check-up: continuos probe monitoring.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Pool disinfection • Water treatment • Soil-less irrigation systems • Drip irrigation • Fertigation