Multi-jet dry dial water meter

Residential water meters


Compact dry dial multi-jet meter for cold potable water with a lightweight brass body. For water consumption monitoring and precise accounting, it finds wide use in municipal companies, public aqueducts and residential use. Flexible and robust, it can be equipped with a REED sensor even in a second time.

Especially developped for the most critic installations, this meter guarantees accurate measuring even with challenging conditions, where the water can be charged with particles or where flow rates can variate. The standard counter has a comprehensive manipulation protection, also suitable for well mounting.

Performance features:

  • Robust construction and pulse output set-up (reed) for remote read-out systems.
  • Standard pulse value 10 l/pulse, optional 100-100-1 l/pulse available.
  • UV resistant counter.
  • For vertical or horizontal installation.
  • Nominal pressure PN 16.
  • Male threded couplings, size ½" - ¾" - 1" - 1"¼ - 1"½ - 2"