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On/off control valve

Electric and hydraulically operated valves

Find out a wide range of solenoid controlled valves, hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valves that regulates the water flow in irrigation systems. With 24 V AC or 12 V DC solenoids. The valve opens or shuts in response to an electrical signal, so that the solenoid opens or closes the valve's hydraulic circuit. Solenoids are compatible with almost all common controllers and has also a manual operation device.


  • Built in glass-filled Nylon material to meet rough service conditions.
  • For vertical or horizontal installation.
  • Available sizes: from DN 2" to DN 6" (DN 50 - DN 150) with a broad range of end connections.
  • Unitized "Flexible Super Travel" (FST) Diaphragm and Guided Plug.


  • No chattering or slamming closed.
  • Accurate and stable regulation with smooth motion.
  • Low operating pressure requirements.
  • No diaphragm erosion and distortion.
  • Diaphragm and spring fully meet the valve’s operating pressure range requirements.
  • Designed for service under a wide range of pressure and flow conditions.

Our range of plastic electric valves include:

  • Two-ways solenoid controlled valve, 24 V AC, from size 1"½ to diameter DN 100.
  • Two-ways solenoid controlled valve, 16-20 V DC, from size 1"½ to diameter DN 100.
  • Three-ways solenoid controlled valve, 24 V AC, from size 1"½ to diameter DN 150.
  • Three-ways solenoid controlled valve, 12-50 V DC, from size 1"½ to diameter DN 150.
  • Electrical control valve 24 V AC for gardening.
  • Electrical control valve 12 V DC for gardening.