Threaded connectors

Plastic fittings


Find out a comprehensive range of plastic threaded fittings for irrigation systems, irrigation control room, manifolds assemblies, fertigation systems and main pipelines. Our range includes

  • Tees 90° male or female threaded from G ½"x½"x½" to G 3"x3"x3";
  • Elbow 90° male threaded from G ½" to 1"½;
  • Elbow 90° female threaded from G ½" to 3";
  • Cross female threaded from G ½" to G 3";
  • Elbow 90° female/male threaded from G ½" to 1"¼;
  • Nipple threaded from G ½" to 4";
  • Reduced nipple threaded from ¾"x½" to 3"x2"½;
  • Sleeve threaded from ½" to 3";
  • Reduced sleeve threaded from  ¾"x½" to 2"½;
  • Plug threaded from G ½" to 3";
  • Short reducer male/female threaded from G ½"x1/8" to 3"x2"½;
  • Increaser male/female threaded from G ½"x¾" to 2"½x3";
  • Y from G ¾"x½"x½" to G 2"x1"¼x1"¼;
  • Cap threaded from G ½" to 4".

​Also we have a comprehensive range of pipe clamps especially designed for polyethylene and PVC pipes:

  • Pipe clamp for PE and PVC pipes from Ø 20x½" to Ø 250x2";
  • 2 outlets saddle clamp for PE and PVC pipes from Ø 25x½" to Ø 125x1"½;
  • Reinforced saddle clamp from Ø 63x1" to Ø 200x4".