Corrugated pipe for Sewers & Drainage



PE structured-wall (corrugated outside and smooth inside) pipes with in line extruded socket joint for underground sewage and drainage systems not under pressure. Commonly used to canalize sewage networks it delivers high resistance to chemicals, electro-chemical corrosion and wear. Compliant to UNI EN 13476-3 standard it is in pipes of 6 meters each plus the socket joint and the rubber seal; it is internally green coloured and externally black to better resist UV rays.

  • Corrugated pipe SN4 kN² sizes from Ø 200 to 1200.
  • Corrugated pipe SN8 kN² sizes from Ø 160 to 1200.

We also provide a comprehensive range of molded corrugated fittings already with socket joint useful for the installation of sewage and drainage systems in polyethylene corrugated pipes, such as:

- Corrugated 45° bend - Corrugated 90° bend - Corrugated 87°30° bend - Corrugated 45° branch - Corrugated tees - Corrugated sleeve - Corrugated plug - Corrugated concentric increaser - Corrugated quick coupling kit.