Industrial series II

Check valves

Pvc valves

Find out a comprehensive range of PVC check valves, available in ball series or spring series.

Industrial check valves are used in many fileds, mainly to implement irrigation systems, pool plumbing, to convey corrosive fluids. The operating principle consists in conveying a fluid in one direction, stopping it and avoiding its returs. These valves deliver many advantages:

  • Easy and simple installation and removal;
  • Chattering free even at high flow rate;
  • Optimized flow;
  • For both vertical (preferred) or horizontal installation.

Our range of industrial check valves is available in many configurations:

  • Check valve, solvent welding - spring series - EPDM seal, sizes from Ø 16 to 110;
  • Check valve, solvent welding - ball series - EPDM seal, sizes from Ø 20 to 110;
  • Check valve, threaded ends - spring series - sizes from G 3/8" to 4";
  • Check valve, threaded ends - ball series - sizes from G ½" to 4".