Water series

Double union ball valve

Pvc valves

Double union PVC ball valves with adjustable seat, water series, for radial dsimounting and adjustment. This valve is compact and biderctional, easy to install and safe for a durable and reliable service. For easy operation, allows a full port, union nuts and gasket adjustment, for safe operation. Pipes can be dosmountet when the valve is close without water loss risk. Furthermore, dismounting is extremely easy and quick, thus ensuring simple maintenance. Downstream system can be dismounted even when upstream system is under pressure.

This valve range is suitable for many application fileds sich as:

  • Agriculture;
  • Water treatment;
  • Fish farming;
  • Pools;
  • Irrigation;
  • Convey of edible fluids and non hazardous chemicals.

Our double union ball valves range includes:

  • PVC ball valve, water series, for solvent welding - sizes from Ø 16 to 110.
  • PVC ball valve, water series, with female thread - sizes from G 3/8" to 4"