Fertlizer mixing

Blower pumps


Blower pumps for air insufflation in mixing tanks of water soluble fetilizers; used in agriculture for fertirrigation, ensuring a uniform mix of fertlizers in tank.

Operating principle: blower pumps work as a phon, insufflating air in pipes, on the bottom of tanks where fertilizers are dissolved in water adn then used for irrigation systems. The solution is mixed for circa 30 minutes and then delivered in pipelines.

  • SIDE CHANNEL BLOWER: die-cast side channel blower, 1,5 Kw, pressure head 1,00/2,00/2,50 meters. Maximum flow rate 96/55/32 m³/h, three-phase 230/4001 V - 50 Hz - 2.900 rpm revolutions-per-minute, aluminium alloy body, threaded connection Ø 1"½.
  • PVC BLOWER PUMP: 1,5 horsepower.
  • PVC BLOWER PUMP:  double turbine PVC blower pump, 1,8 horsepower. Intermittent use. Maximum flow rate 250 m³/h. Pump must operate for 14 minutes and then stop for a pause of minimum 30 seconds.