Standard series

Butterfly valves

Pvc valves

Find out our range of PVC butterfly valves, standard series (with steel shaft, valve body and disc in PVC-U). These valves are normally used in agriculture to adjust or close water flow in irrigation piping systems, in agricultural control rooms and in water treatment plants.

Technical features:

  • Thermoplastic material. High reliability and corrosion resistant.
  • Shock and UV rays resistant. It can be used in challenging conditions.
  • Reduced weight. Extremely maneuverable, easy to move, with consequent reducing of installation and handling costs.
  • Maximum working pressure: PN 10.

Design features:

  • Single-piece body in PVC-U, delivers resistance, durability, infiltration free.
  • PVC valve disc with a special design ensuring low torque, minimum loss of head and resistance to corrosion.
  • Integral disc sealing in EPDM or Viton.
  • The lever can get in seven positions; it is also locked to avoid unwanted operations.

Our PVC butterfly valves range include

  • Standard PVC butterfly valve sizes from Ø 63/DN 50 to Ø 250/DN 250.