Industrial series IV

Swing check valves

Pvc valves

Find out a range of PVC swing check valves for application in irrigation water pipes, pools, agricultural control rooms. These valves allow fluid to flow in one direction and close when it reverses. Seal is provided by a rubber o-ring.

Technical features:

  • Requires little space in piping systems.
  • Easy installation: wafer body slips between standard flanges.
  • Vertical and horitzontal operation.
  • O-ring material: EPDM or FPM.
  • Excellent flow characteristics.

The swing check valves range include:

  • PVC swing check valve sizes from Ø 63/DN 50 to Ø 350/DN 335

We also provide a broad range of accessories and spare gaskets such as

- PVC flanges - Gaskets - O-rings