Safety valve

Quick pressure relief valves

Electric and hydraulically operated valves

The quick pressure relief valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve. Built in glass filled nylon material, resistant to chemicals used in agriculture, it prevents cavitation consequences in irrigation equipments. This valve relieves excessive line pressure when it rises above the preset maximum. It responds to rises in system pressure immediately, accurately and with high repeatability, by opening fully, thus avoiding system damages due to pressure overload.


  • It protects irrigation systems from pressure overload and burst.
  • Super travel diaphragm.
  • Guided plug.


  • No chattering and fast closing.
  • Accurate and stable regulation with smooth motion.
  • No diaphragm distorsion.
  • Spare parts, diaphragms and springs available in several models.
  • Designed to meet a broad flow rate and pressure range.

Our pressure relief valves range includes:

  • Pressure relief valve, sized 1"½ - 2" plastic body.
  • Pressure relief valve, sized 1"½ - 2" - 3" brass body.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Drip irrigation systems protection from pressure overload • Filter burst protection •  Momentary pressure peak elimination.