RAIN BIRD pop-up

1800 and uni-spray series spray heads

Green areas irrigation

Rain Bird's UNI-Spray and 1800 series pop-up spray heads are the most sold ever, for their versatility, strength and reliability. Chosen for its reliability, heavy-duty materials and versatility, these series offer a broad selection of pop up heights and nozzle combinations for watering shrubs, small lawns and irregularly shaped planting or slope areas. They can also be equipped with the SAM check valve (Seal-a-matic) mantaining a pressure head equal as 4,2 of water column, preventing system drainage at lower elevations.


  • Patented pressure-activated co-molded wiper seal prevents wasteful water leakage and assures long life.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel spring assures flush retraction, every time.
  • Multiple pop-up heights from 5 cm to 30 cm for maximum design flexibility.
  • With adjustment screw to customize spray distance and flow rate.
  • Available with pre-installed nozzles or as bodies-only to allow customizing nozzle patterns and throw distances.
  • Available with a wide choise of adjustable arc nozzles, trajectories and spray distances to cover any lawn or garden area.
  • No tools needed to change nozzles and to regulate spray pattern by hand.
  • Built in UV resistant plastic.
  • Operates efficiently at low water pressure.

A wide range of Rain Bird pop-up spray heads is available:

  • Uni-spray pop-up, only body.
  • 5 cm Uni-spray with 12-15 VAN nozzle.
  • 10 cm Uni-spray with 10-12-15-18 VAN nozzle.
  • 5 cm 1800 pop-up spray head with nozzle kit.
  • 10 cm 1800 pop-up spray head with nozzle kit.
  • 15 cm 1800 pop-up spray head with nozzle kit.
  • 30 cm 1800 pop-up spray head with nozzle kit.
  • 10-15-30 1800 pop-up spray head with SAM check valve, no nozzles.
  • VAN series: variable arc spray nozzles, 4-6-8-10-12-15-18 VAN models.
  • HE-VAN series: high efficency variable arc nozzles, HE-VAN 08-10-12-15 models.
  • MPR series: matched precipitation rate fixed pattern spray nozzles for pop-up spray heads, 21 models available.

​Rain Bird pop-up spray heads can be equipped with different accessories:

  • Anti-drain valve - for 1800 series: it keeps up to 1,5 water-columen-meters.
  • PRS valve - for 1800 series: this pressure regulator prevents water loss up to 70% in case of damage to spray heads or nozzles; at the same time it avoids misting due to high pressure.
  • SAM check valve - for 1800 and UNI-Spray series: saves water by eliminating low head drainage from spray heads located at the base of slopes or hillsides, it avoids damages due to marshy or erosion effects.
  • Rotary nozzles - for both series: they are designed to operate at lower pressure while still delivering precise, even coverage, preventing water run off and erosion effects.
  • Technical data sheet
    • Spray pattern from 0° to 360°
    • Trajectory from 0° to 26°
    • Pressure from 1,5 to 2,5 bar
    • Inlet size ½
    • Available pop up heights from 5,1 to 30,5 cm
    • Spray distance from 2 to 5 meters