Rubber expansion joints

Pipe compensators

Valves and fittings in steel and cast iron

Find out a comprehensive range of rubber expansion joints, both with screwed or flanged ends, for pressurized pipelines, offering resistance to mechanical stress; in particular these compensators are used to

  • compensate pipe thermal expansion;
  • reduce mechanical stress, compensating axial, lateral or angular movements, due to pipe reduction or expansion, due to thermal variations caused by flowing medium or environment temperature;
  • cushion mechanical vibrations due to machines;
  • reduce noise caused by fluid pumping action.

Our range includes

  • Rubber expansion joints with flanged ends PN 10/16 sizes from DN 32 to 600 - galvanized carbon steel flanges;
  • Double union rubber expansion joint with threaded ends PN 10 sizes from G ½" to 3" - galvanized melleable iron plugs F/F.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Irrigation pipelines • Heating and air-conditioning systems • Pumping stations.