Spray heads

Pop-up with can nozzles

Green areas irrigation

CSH spray heads are rising pop-ups when the system works. They have a female threaded nozzle of ½". Available with preinstalled CAN adjustable nozzles, with different edges and flow rates. Strongly recommanded for uniform irrigation of residential gardens, green lawns and flowerbeds.

Technical features:

  • Spray distance: from 2,4 to 5,2 meters.
  • Spray head hight:  18,4 cm. Riser hight: 10,2 cm.
  • Inlet: ½" female threaded NPT.
  •  Adjustable arc: from 0° to 360°.
  • Interchangebale nozzles: CAN10 - CAN12 - CAN15 - CAN17.
  • Enhanced cap for more durability.
  • Easier handling, and extended riser seal life.
  • Provided with flushing cap.
  • Provided with inside screen filter for more durability.
  • Warranty period: two years.

Our spray heads range includes:

  • Spray head, only body, 10 cm, inlet size ½" female threaded.
  • Spray head with CAN nozzle.
  • CAN adjustable nozzles, 8/10/12/15/17 models.