Open field sprinkling

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Sprinkling and fogging

A wide range of ball-driven sprinklers for agriculture; available in several models and flow rates; ideal for intensive crops on open field, such as potatoes, lettuce and green leaves, carrots, but also for open field nurseries, crops germination, frost fighting, cooling, undertree irrigation, pigmentation and climate control. Sprinling irrigation simulates light rain , it can be used both on open field crops, orchards, greenhouses and plantations. Sprinklers can deliver water at full or half circle. Sprinkling offers many benefits and can be also integrated to a drip irrigation system. Among the huge advantages of sprinkling some are:

  • Low precipitation rate, 3-5 l/h thus avoiding water run-off and drainage even on slopes.
  • High water distribution uniformity at low pressure and precipitation rate.
  • Sprinkling avoids soil compacting and balances water-oxygen rate.
  • Sprinkling irrigation systems can also be used as a mean to deliver plant protection chemicals, since sprinklers are manufactured in plastic resistant to chmeicals used in agriculture.
  • Sprinkling irrigation systems can be used for ground cooling and frost fighting.
  • Yield enhancement in terms of quantity and quality.

We supply assembled sprinkling systems made by sprinkler, rod and stabilizer ring, also called STAND; this assembly is inserted on irrigation main pipes which could be of PE, PVC or Lay Flat hose; spacing will depend on cultivations.

Our range of sprinklers for agriculture include:

  • SUPER 10: extra-range, ball-driven ½" sprinkler. Compact, sturdy, closed and protected ball engine. Bayonet nozzle for easy service. Optional Flow Regulator and road protection. For extra-range spacing up to 12 meters.
  • Mamkad: Low-volume, ball-driven sprinkler 1/2” male; ceramic washers, pop-up pop-down nozzle for insect protection, optional flow regulator and road protection.
  • Meganet: two balanced water jets ensuring stability.

Main features of Meganet:

  • Sprinkler rotate thanks to water pressure.
  • The closed and compact structure provides robustness to the sprinkler while preventing insect penetration into the nozzle and protecting mechanism parts during sprinkler conveyance.
  •  Bayonet nozzle for easy service.
  • Optional flow regulator.

​TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Soil preparataion before sowing • Germination • Fertilizers and chemicals delivery • Frost fighting • Greenhoses and orchards cooling • Intensive farming irrigation • Open field nurseries

  • Technical data sheet
    • Available flowrates SUPER10 320-360-445-550-650 l/h
    • Available flow rates MAMKAD 180-224-134-268 l/h
    • Available flow rates MEGANET 200-250-350-450-550-650-750 l/h
    • Area range diameter mt 12,5 ÷ 21
    • Suggeted spacing ranges in meters 9x9 - 10x10 - 12x12