SUBDRIP anti-siphon and anti-drain drippers

Dripline for subsurface irrigation

Drip irrigation

SUBDRIP dripline is the most advanced and actually available buried irrigation system with NEWSYSTEM protection. Its operation concept is delivering water directly to roots avoiding their intrusion into drippers.

It can be installed on-surface or buried 100-200 mm under ground level. The best installation pattern is the grid pattern, where main pipes are on both sides, one working as a water supply pipe and the other as a discharge pipe, thus creating a closed irrigation circuit. As a result the irrigated area will be completely and uniformly wetted, the ideal for lawns or intensive crops. SUBDRIP driplines can also be buried along tree rows and shrubs, in two or four lines on each side.

SUBDRIP dripline has injected drippers, with chemical root protection system (BENFLURALIN) or physical root barrier (anti-siphon membrane), suitable for slope installation, when very long laterals and constant flow rates in any point are needed. Its features are:

  1. Drippers has an auto-compensating mechanism, implemented by a silicon membrane, ensuring a constant flow rate on a wide pressure range.
  2. Drippers design provoques a turbulent flow thus avoiding clogging or dirt sedimentation in the labyrinth.

​Sub surface irrigation systems need necessarly some accessories, for example air valves must be placed uphill, so that air can exit as pipes get filled with water, and enter as pipes empty. So pipe collapse (or aspiration) will never occur when the system stops irrigating.

  • Technical data sheet
    • Pipe features
    • outside Ø 16 mm / inside Ø 13,8
    • outside Ø 22 mm / inside Ø 17,7
    • Wall thickness 44 MIL / 1,1 mm
    • Wall thickness 47 MIL / 1,2 mm
    • Maximum working pressure 4,0 bar
    • Available flow rates Ø 16 1,1 - 1,6 - 2,1 - 2,9 - 3,8 liters/hour
    • Available flow rates Ø 22 1,6 - 2,1 - 2,9 - 3,8 liters/hour
    • Drippers spacing 30-33-35-40-50-60-75-80-90-100-110-125-150 cm
    • Coil length 500 / 300 meters