Soil moisture indicator


Tensiometer probes are simple instruments indicating the presence or lack of water in soil and can be helpful to save water and protect trees and crops both in open field and greenhouses.

The cylindrical porous tube can be installed at the required depth in soil, depending on where root system is developing. Readings will show the balance between the content of water in soil and the one filled in the instrument. When soil dries tha water inside the instrument would decrease, otherwise in case of rain or irrigation the tensiometer will indicate a high moisture level.

Preparing the instrument before installation consist in preparing distilled water to fill the instrument, soak the instrument tips for 24 hours. After that tip is activated the instrument is ready for field installation. This checks the proper functioning of the filling cup and vacuum gauge. Installation can be made both in soil or in substrates, mostly when soil is not too much dry, for an easier balance. It is recommanded to place a tensiometer in each representativ plot.

These instruments are used since years for their trouble-free, accurate and reliable service, also because they are cost-effective. The tensiometer range includes:

  • Manual moisture indicator with filling cup 30 - 45 - 60 cm.

TYPICAL APPLICATION FIELDS: • Horticulture  • Drip irrigation • Nurseries • Open field crops •  Substrate irrigation