Thick walled dripline, pressure-compensating anti-leakage

Drip irrigation

Versatile dripline ideal for all conditions, it is particularly suitable for soilless or on-soil crops in greenhouses and for orchards. The PC-CNL dripline has special drippers implementing irrigation uniformity even in topographically cahllenging terrains and slopes. This dripline can be installed in soilless crops, with long laterals, ensuring at the same time constant flow rate all along the system and a uniform fertilizers delivery. It has a pressure-compensating system (PC pressure control) which mantains steady flowrates even when inlet pressure variates, delivering accurate water and nutrients. The anti-leakage system (CNL) avoids laterals emptying and filling time, facilitating pulse irrigation (short and frequent irrigation).

Features and benefits:

  • Injected drippers; 
  • Pressure-compensating mechanism allowing accurate watering in slopes and long laterals;
  • Pressure compensating range from 10 to 40 meters of water column (MWC);
  • Very low CV (coefficient of variation);
  • Constant flow rate on pressure varying;
  • Anti-drain mechanism;
  • Drippers opening pressure 1,00 bar;
  • Drippers closing pressure 0,25 bar;
  • Hydrodynamic dripper design ensures continuous flushing of dirt as sand, silt or sediments.
  • Technical data sheet
    • Pipe features
    • outside Ø 16 mm / inside Ø 13,8 mm
    • outside Ø 22 mm / inside Ø 17,7 mm
    • Wall thickness 39 MIL / 1,0 mm
    • Maximum pressure 4,0 bar
    • Available flow rates Ø 16 and Ø 20 1,1 - 1,6 - 2,2, liters/hour
    • Coil length 500 / 300 meters
    • Drippers spacing 15-20-30-33-40-50-60-80-100 cm