Pro Line 1600 and Pro Line 800

Weathermatic controller


The Weathermatic controllers range offers at effordable prices the most advanced technology

  • It is a modular irrigation controller, with a 4-base station expandable up to 48 stations.
  • Available with remote control.
  • Traditional wires or single cable + decoder systems.

Common features of both Pro Line 800 and Pro Line 1600 are:

  • Easy to program.
  • 4 programs: A - B - C indipendent; program D can operate concurrently.
  • 8 start times per program.
  • Watering days: custom days of the week or cyclic up to 30 days, odd/even days.
  • Seasonal adjust: 10% to 300%. By program or by month.
  • Non-volatile memory - in case of black-out.
  • Manual test runs each zone from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.
  • Each station can control up to 2 electric valves plus a master valve.
  • Possibility of scheduling and programming via internet, remote control.
  • Possibility to implement a radio remote control at a maximum distance of 150 meters.
  • Additional features: master valve/pump start operation assignable on/off by zone; zone-to-zone delay; electric circuits test; MILLIAMP absorbtion test; built-in valve locator; pump advanced timing on first zone; pump late timing on last zone; watering run-time splitting in order to avoid water run-off.

The Weathermatic controllers range include:

  • Pro-line controller PL 800 4 stations base - indoor only - expandable to 6/8 stations.
  • 2-zone module for PL 800.
  • Pro Line controller PL 1600 4 stations (expandable with 4-zones modules).
  • Pro Line controller PL 1600 20 stations (expandable with 4-zones modules).
  • Pro Line controller PL 1600 24 stations (expandable with 4-zones modules).
  • 4-zones module for PL 1600.