Woltmann water meter

Industrial water meters


A range of water meters especially designed for industrial and water distribution use, for networks with flow rate over 15 m³/h. The measuring device consists in a parallel turbine shaft: depending on how fast water flows and on the tube section, the meter converts amount of water in cubic meters. Even if these meters were developped for high flow rates, they still are reliable with minimum quantities of water.

Our range of water meters include:

Irrigation water meters Woltmann, specially developed for operation  with heavily contaminated water, such as in agriculture, in sewage treatment plants or wastewater systems. Here below you may see the performance and product features:

  • Cast iron body, flanged PN 16.
  • The meter easily takes a level of impurity of up to 30% in its stride. Where there is very heavy contamination, external filters can be inserted upstream of the water meter. 
  • Easy maintenance, measuring insert is removable and the same for all meter sizes.
  • Measuring accuracy conforms with Class A.
  • Water meter for horizontal and vertical installation positions.
  • Active and passive pulsers can be retrofitted at any time without damaging the calibration seal.

​Bulk water meter Woltmann with vertical turbine shaft guarantees a high degree of measuring accuracy, even for low flows. Here below you may see the performance and product features:

  • Cast iron body, flanged PN 16.
  • Wide measuring range.
  • Removable measurement insert.
  • Very low head loss.
  • Evacuated counter, protected from condensation.
  • Metal protection cap.
  • Low starting flow and high degree of measurement accuracy.
  • Integrated stainless steel dirt trap
  • Water meter for cold water to 30°C, accurate to 50°C
  • Water meter for horizontal, vertical or sloping installation position.
  • REED pulser K=100/1000 liters/pulse.