Ball and socket quick coupling joints

Iron fittings - zinc coated


Ball and socket couplings are built in black steel, with hot/cold dip galvanizing. Manufactured with CNC computer-numerical-control technology, thus assuring high precision. Coupling connections are perfect and interchangeable; axial threads are precise, radial and rounded ensuring easy handling and sealing.

Commonly used in agriculture for the implementation of "stand alone" systems, for they allow quick dismantling or frequent movement of irrigation systems. Ball and socket couplings allow to hook and unhook easily, quickly and safely all open filed irrigation systems, especially when field works occur.

You can find in our warehouse a wide range of fittings:

  • Male / female hose set, sizes from Ø 50 to 150.
  • Male / female plug, sizes from Ø 50 to 150.
  • Standard or increased seal, sizes from Ø 50 to 150.
  • Conic reducer, sizes from Ø 80x60 to 150x120.
  • Conic increaser, sizes from Ø 60x80 to 120x150.
  • Male threaded joint, sizes from Ø 50x1" to 150x6".
  • Female threaded joint, sizes from Ø 60x1" to 150x6".
  • Male / female quick coupling, sizes from Ø 60x40 to 120x125.
  • Male / female joint with internal threads, sizes from Ø 60x1" to 120x4".
  • Male / female hose set for lay flat, sizes from Ø 87x76 to 100x102.
  • Threaded hose end, sizes from Ø 60x2" to 120x5".
  • Male derivation, sizes from Ø 60x60x60 to 150x150x150.
  • Side derivation, sizes from Ø 60 to 150.
  • Tees junction, sizes from Ø 60 to 150.
  • Three ways derivation, sizes from Ø 60 to 150.
  • Swan neck union, sizes from Ø 60 to 120.
  • Bend 90°, sizes from Ø 60 to Ø 150;
  • Threaded male/female joint, sizes Ø 120 or Ø 150.

Mellini Martignoni couplings range include:

  • Bend 90° sizes from Ø 60 to 150;
  • Male/female plug sizes from Ø 60 to 150;
  • Quick male/female coupling sizes from Ø 60x63 to 120x125;
  • Conic rediìucer sizes from Ø 80x60 to 120x150;
  • Male/female threaded joint sizes from Ø 60x2" to 150x5";
  • Tees junction sizes from Ø 60 to 150;
  • Side derivation sizes from Ø 60 to 150;
  • Three ways derivation sizes from Ø 60 to 150;
  • Derivation sizes from Ø 60x60x60 to 120x120x120.

Also we provide a complete range of tools and accessories for ball & socket couplings installation, such as:

- Pipe clamp - Pipe clamp with screws - Iron secure pipe collars - Zinc spray - Hemp - Sealant paste.