Single wall PVC hose

Flat hose


Flexible PVC flat hose, reinforced with a high resistance woven mesh. It can be dragged without causing damage. Extremely practical, lightweight and flexible, saving time in laying out and picking up. Easy to cut and join; can be pierced to insert connectors with no risk of seepage (single wall). Ideal for temporary connections or lines which need to be moved frequently.

Furthermore it is much more lighter and less bulkier than polyethylene pipes of the same PN 4/6 and diameter. The flat hose resists to pressure and temperature variations, it is recommanded for the main lines, from where dripperlines are derived for zone irrigation. Thanks to its practicality and flexibility, the flat hose is ideal for temporary connections or lines which need to be moved frequently, such us on maize irrigation, ensuring the best performances.

The flat hose is sold in coils.

The Hydro Tech Ltd offers a comprehensive range of fittings, derivations and plugs to connect flat hose pipes to dripperlines or tape.

  • Technical data sheet
    • Available sizes 1"½ - 2" - 3" - 4" - 6" - 8"
    • Maximum working pressure at 20° 4,0 ÷ 6,0 bars
    • Available PN PN 4 (light blue) PN 10 (dark blue)
    • Coil length 50 or 100 meters