Manual disc filtration

Disc filters


Disc filters are used to filtrate small particles suspended in water. Recommanded for filtration of slightly dirty water, especially when used in irrigation and drip irrigation systems, to avoid clogging of dripper and emitters. Disc filters offer sevral advantages, such as a high resistance to thermal stress, reliability, easy maintenance and cleaning, corrosion resistan to chemicals normally used in agriculture.

When water enters the filter, it passes through a helix, so a helical centrifuge effect is generated, which moves away from the discs a high percentage of the particles suspended in water, thus reducing the frequency of handling, saving water and energy. Ordinary maintenace consists in opening the filter and washing periodically the disc pack, whether with water or with an antiscalant for fertilizers.

Filters are normally placed upstream of the water distribution system and are can be adapted to many configurations.

Filters are supplied assembled, furthermore all spare parts are available separetly, such as disc set, disc spine, plug, lid, o-ring seal, clamp, housing or filter body, ....

Our range of disc filters Y pattern include:

  • In-line disc filter size ¾"
  • In-line disc filter size 1"
  • In-line disc filter size 1"¼
  • In-line disc filter size ​1"½

With a special and unique design, for professionals and agriculture, helical series disc filters size 2" and 3", offer the best reliabilty and performances: their design generates a centrifugal effect, which moves away a high percentage of suspended particles, optimizing the filtration process, and considerably reducing maintenace and cleaning. Their body is made of fibreglass reinforced nylon. Closing system with inox clamp or nylon plug.

  • Helical disc filter 2" - filtrating flow rate 30 m³/h
  • Helical disc filter 3" - filtrating flow rate 50 m³/h
  • Technical data sheet
    • Maximum working pressure 10 bars
    • Y series connections BSP - NPT thread screw
    • Helical series connections BSP - NPT thread - Victaulic
    • Standard filtration grade 120 mesh