Multi channel manual/automatic fertigation

Fertigation and dosing units


Fully-configurable, cost-effective fertilizer/acid dosing unit system; it offers the best cost-benefits rate on market; strongly recommanded for on soil or substrate cultivations it helps farm saving water, fertilizers and energy.

Operating principle: the fertigation unit delivers manually or automatically precise amounts of nutrients and acids dissolved in a uniform solution, directly in the irrigation system. Fertilizers and acid accurate suction based on venturi principle, which uses excess pressure in the irrigation system to create a low pressure zone, or vacuum, in the injector throat. A booster pump creates additional pressure to activate the Venturi dosing unit.

This dosing system is available in several configurations, on a broad range of dosing channels, booster pumps, controllers, peripheral devices and accessories, to cover all plot sizes, crops and applications and meet specific customer needs.

Benefits and features:

  • Modular and scalable for on soil or substrate application with minimal investment;
  • Efficient use of water, fertilizer and energy;
  • Broad range of dosing channels' flow rates;
  • Works for both volumetric or proportional fertigation;
  • Venturi operating principle, no moving parts;
  • Easy integration into existing irrigation systems;
  • Highly accurate dosing channels;
  • Quick action dosing valves;
  • Up to 6 fertilizer/acid dosing channels;
  • Fast and efficient receipe adjustment;
  • Manual or fully automated operations;
  • Wide range of integrated accessories and peripherals;
  • Components and piping built in high quality PVC;
  • Alluminium, corrosion resistant frame with adjustable legs.

Operation modes and mainline pressure ranges:

  • PD: suitable for irrigation systems with adequate difference between main-line pressure and pressure needed downstream the dosing unit (pressure surplus is used, eliminating the need for a dosing booster). It can be installed also where there is no electrical connection;
  • PLmainline pressure range between 2,5-6,5 bars, system pressure is adequate for irrigation, with a suction pump;
  • PB: mainline pressure range between 1-2,5 bars, system pressure is adequate for irrigation, with a booster pump;
  • MS: system's outlet is connected upstream the mainline pump, thereby eliminating the need for a dosing booster; pressure downstream the mainline pump is between 2-8 bars.
  • Technical data sheet
    • Dosing channels flow rates 50 - 150 - 400 - 600 - 1.000 l/h
    • Configurations manual or automatic