Agronomic advice for irrigation systems

Professional agronomic guidance for fertigation systems

Hydro Tech Ltd designs, implements and installs innovative and technological irrigation systems. Our technicians and agronomists offer 

  • Comprehensive solutions for irrigation systems considering seasonal needs, water need and growing phase of different kind of crops (flower-growing, horticulture, orchards, residential gardens, open spaces...);
  • Detailed irrigation plans - both manual or automatic - thanks to an advanced CAT tool calculating the crop water need; 
  • Adequate solutions depending on crops, climate conditions, soil typologies in order to optimize water and energy resources, to make the irrigation system be highly effective and to deliver profitable productivity with high quality and quantity standards. 
  • Customers' support in the transition phase from a traditional irrigation system to a micro irrigation one (drip irrigation);
  • Implementation of agronomic solutions for soilless cultivations in greenhouses;
  • Support farmers in planning their irrigation system, deviding irrigation shifts on the basis of the available waterflow and the extention of each crop / area / or plant density, in order to guarantee highest efficency and rational use of water resources;
  • PH and conductivity analysis, with special tools, in order to formulate the best nutrients solution for fertigation;
  • Monitoring and control of different variable parameters (such as conductivity, pH, humidity, temperature, evapotranspiration) to ensure the highest efficency of fertigation and give a complete picture of the entire process and consequently to intervene on irrigation;
  • Installation of metering pumps to regulate pH according to nutrients dosing;
  • Installation of filtration systems where water shall be cleaned up from inorganic or biologic suspended particles, thus avoiding emitters' occlusion risks;
  • Design and installation of control and fertigation systems with detailed fertilizing plans, using advanced technologies directed towards cost reduction and development of highly profitable crops.