Implementation of a garden irrigation system in Noto, Siracuse, Sicily

Mediterranean maquis and lawn around a modern villa by the sea on the south-estern cost of Sicily.

The customer needed to create a beatiful lawn around the house and wanted an automatic irrigation system for both the grass and the trees in the mediterranean maquis scattered all around the garden. The hydro Tech ltd designed, implemented and supplied all equipemnts for this irrigation system, following all works and checks.

Here below is a short list of the most rising phases of this implementation:

  • One of our technicians visited the property and collected all data we needed: available water flow rate, pressure in main pipelines. Also a first land survey gives information about surface extension, distances and slopes.
  • The first stage our team arranges an irrigation control room, for electric and hydraulic connections, the filtering system and the automatic irrigation controller.
  • All collected data were used to draw up an overall project using a special software including: pop-up choice, pop-up placing, irrigation uniformity calculation; lawn and plants water requirements estimate.
  • The garden surface was devided in several zones, to implement the main irrigation circuits, by using most rationally the avialable water flow rate. A controller schedules irrigation shifts.
  • The projects is combined with an accurate estimate of all necessary equipements: pipes, dripperlines, fittings, couplings, tees, elbows, filters, pop-up sprinklers, electric valves, clamps, valve boxes... 
  • The customer, the workers and the Hydro Tech team examine the project and start implementing the system.
  • A first step is that of digging the trenches;
  • The irrigation system is implemented step by step from the main power and water supply; it includes the installation of several hand operated safety ball valves, to open or shut each irrigation zone; all pop-up sprinklers are connected and dripperlines are laid in ground especially around the mediterranean plants; electric valves are connecte to both control room and irrigation controller.
  • All pipes are buried and the irrigation system is tested.
  • The Hydro Tech team is always available for technical support and assistance, also when maintenance is needed.