Rain Bird ESP series

Modular irrigation controllers


Rain Bird ESP-LX series controllers includes a wide range of irrigation controllers, especially designed for residential automatic irrigation, medium sized landscape areas, citrus groves and orchards.

The ESP series includes:

  • ESP-ME indoor controller with built-in transformer: up to 24 start times a day, ideal for green areas and commercial irrigation.
  • ESP-LXME modular controller: up to 48 start times a day, ideal for a wide range of applications, for both commercial or industrial irrigation systems.
  • ESP-LXD controller: guarantees flexible functions and modular options, suitable for commercial, intensive crops and industrial irrigation systems.

ESP-LXME was especially designed to manage automatically up to 48 valves, the 8 base unit is easy to expand with 4- 8- 12 stations modules, thus becoming strongly recommanded for medium large companies.

All Rain Bird controllers offer seasonal adjust of irrigation, allowing users to adapt irrigation depending on water need variation all along the year.

In case of rain, it is possible to stop irrigation with the function "Rain Delay".

All Rain Bird controllers offer flexible options in order to save water as much as possible. ESP-RZX and ESP-ME models have the function "Contactor default" which recalls a previously saved irrigation cycle. Another useful function is "Rain recall" which resets automatically typical irrigation cycles after days or weeks of intensive rainfall.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Residential gardens • Medium sized green areas • Citrus groves • Orchards

  • Technical data sheet
    • Watering time from 0 minutes to 12 hours
    • Seasonal adjustment from 0% to 300%
    • Total watering start times 8 for each program
    • Multi valve capacity up to 2 electric valves for each station
    • Opzional Flow Smart flow rate survey
  • Documents