Subsurface drip irrigation system on olive grove, Noto Area, Siracuse, Sicily

Design, implementation and site management of a cost-effective subsurface drip irrigation system. Increased production and profitable investment.

Our customer has an agricultural real estate in Noto with olive groves: partly with adult olive trees and partly with new  olive orchard, with intensive spacing. The customer need was to irrigate both the adult trees and the new olive grove, in order to increase yield, olive oil quantity and quality.

Therefore we designed and implemented a reliable and efficient subsurface drip irrigation system, choosing this technique because of our experience, agronomic knowledge and development. Subsurface irrigation offers huge benefits such as:

  • Water and fertilizers saving, reducing costs;
  • Easy land plowing, pruning and harvesting;
  • Reduced weed growth;
  • Precise, reliable and accurate olive grove irrigation, recommanded for drought periods and dry climate;
  • Enhanced oil yield, increased olive quality and size;
  • Apply nutrients using the drip irrigation system.

All this advantages and benefits come from subsurface drip irrigation!