In line manual/automatic fertigation

Fertilizers dosing unit


DosaBox is an automatic fertigation unit, representing a valid and economic solution for small and medium sized farms starting fertigation for the first time. Typical application fields are: orchards, citrus plantations, vineyards, vegetable crops both in open filed or in greenhouses, nurseries and pots.

This fertigation unit has manual operation but it can be easilly automated for quantitative or proportional nutrients injection. The dosage of fertilisers is regulated by simple fertilisation templates which can be set according to the agronomic and nutritional requirements of crops, offering very good results with less effort.

The DosaBox delivers 3 fertilizers in both quantitative or proportional mode.

The systems displays also pH and conductivity values, thus allowing to monitor and adjust irrigation water.


  • 3 dosing channels (up to 500 l/h each);
  • 3 fertilizer meters (10 pulse/liter);
  • Injection pump with inox 304 impeller - 220 V AC (20 l/minute at 56 meters, 80 l/minute at 36 meters);
  • On/Off switch and automatic pump control (220 V 50 Hz);
  • pH/conductivity monitoring through pH/conductivity probes;
  • In-line probe holders with automatic flow control valve;
  • Inlet connection 1" male, outlet connection 1" female;
  • Inlet screen filter, flow rate 5 m³/h, filtration rate 120 mesh;
  • Check valve;
  • Quantitative fertigation injects fertilizers in one shot according system's flow rate (liters/hour);
  • Proportional fertigation with pulse meter, applies fertlizers or chemicals from 0,1 to 1 % of water flow rate.
  • Flow rate alarm.