Drip irrigation & fertigation system in Misilini, Rosolini, Syracuse Area, Sicily

Enhanced crop growth and fertigation advantages in a horticultural farm producing and exporting early fruit and vegetables.

The commercial farm Luigi Lupo is extended on 150.000 square meters based on tha plain of Ispica, an agricultural area devoted to early fruits and vegetables production, exporting in Italy and Europe. The farm has different plantations devided as follows:

  • 4,5 hectares cultivated for vineyard;
  • 4 hectares for tunnel farming;
  • 5 hectares of arable land;
  • 5 hectares of tree plantations (olive trees).

The farm turned to the Hydro Tech Ltd to implement a drip irrigation and fertigation system; we designed and developped a comprehensive system: from the flow rate calculation in order to optimize the irrigation, to the water and nutriens needs depending on crop varieties. The commercial farm needed to apply fertilizers via irrigation system, so our team enhanced a cost-effective and easy to use fertigation system, through a piston driven motor pump injectin fertiliaers in the dripperlines; furthermore we endowed the system with an automatic metering pump for EC and PH control and adjustment.

The farm's irrigation system was entirely implemented by the Hydro Tech Ltd, with the equipements below:

  • Main pipelines in high density polyethylene pipes;
  • Drip irrigation system with NEW DRIP 01;
  • Double union PVC ball vanves with adjustable support, for manual operation and sector control.